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Suppliers To Avoid For Wholesale Clothing

Only in United States, an average of 301,000 people mostly womens browses World Wide Web with the intent of buying wholesale clothing online. With hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of suppliers, it has become a little indifference to choose the right supplier. So the first thing that drags us into an event of buying disqualified and poor quality apparel is fake word of mouth advertisement, fake social network promotions and popularity and lastly, sometimes we like it cheap or we like it skyrocketing.

Shopping Wholesale Clothing

Below are few tricks that your so called trusted suppliers with a cartoon website uses to fool you for selling their cheaply purchased disqualified and poor quality products.

Discounts On Every Occasions

Discounts every occassions

America….!! You are responsible for the gimmicks played with you, what business do you think is successful offering discounts 24/7, 12 months a year? There are no such things like, “Mother’s Day Discount, Father’s Day Discount, and so on and on Discounts”. They are trying to sell you products that are not worthwhile selling in actual manufacturers’ stores, but you are playing your part in utilizing those disqualified Apparel according to American Standard of clothing by giving away your exertion earned money to those suppliers.

Referral Programs

Special Offer And More

Bring us sales and you will get another 30% discounts, bring us your colleagues and you will get another 25% discount, refer our website to your friends, family members and get special treat and discounts, and so on and on to get another 35% discount…….!! Its all fake, nothing but another trick to completely ruin your clothing experience by dragging you and your referred colleagues, friends, family members into such suppliers. They don’t give you discounts; instead you end up buying the lowest and the poor most quality of wholesale clothing that are not even exported to third world countries. Be careful the next time you refer your friends, colleagues, family member into such suppliers’ stores or websites.

Become A Fan Programs

Become a fan

Like us on facebook and get 10% discounts, follow us on twitter and get 15% discounts….!!! What is next..?? Retweet and get 5% discounts, comment and get 10% discounts……..!!

Become Fan Discounts

All such things doesn’t work with a legitimate and real supplier of wholesale clothing, if your services are worthwhile to get a facebook like then you don’t have to offer such stupid discounts.

Stupid Discounts

Just think of the loss that a legitimate supplier could face for getting not too much only 100 likes on social networking websites. A minimum price of an American standard tee could be from $5 to $7, lets consider it $5, so if that discount offering supplier have 100 facebook fans then they must have faced $0.50 to $0.70 on each follow on social networking sites and as the prices goes up the ratio of loss elevates more….!! Who do you think is smart enough to face such losses everyday..?? No one but poor businesses trying to sell disqualified blank apparel and accessories to United States.

ApparelRush.com is the only online store offering wholesale clothing from top brands at the prices that are not skyrocketing neither ridiculously low. We offer free shipping on orders over $200, visit our website ApparelRush.com and buy 100% original American Standard clothing for mens, womens, youth, toddler, and big and tall.


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